PDT launches Eye-Theatre – the head-mounted multimedia viewer

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Staring at a small portable screen can put something of a strain on your eyes. If you want something bigger, especially on the move, it might be worth checking out PDT’s Eye-Theatre – a head-mounted multimedia viewer that promises an "immersive audiovisual environment" wherever you are.

Admittedly, you’ll look slightly ridiculous. But if you can get past that (or actually like the idea of looking like a Star Trek extra), you can watch movies wherever you are in any format (NTSC/PAL/SECAM). The Eye-Theatre uses twin TFT LCD screens to display iPod video resolution (320 x 240) video. Also incorporated into the unit are high-quality stereo earphones and a choice of nose-pieces, so the unit will fit every face from children to adults. The display offers a similar effect of watching a 50" screen viewed at 2.5m. Because of the dual screen, your eyes focus at 2.5m, so there’s no straining of the eyes.

There’s enough power for eight hours of viewing, with charging via USB. You can pre-order now, with a price of £149.99 and a shipping date of mid-October.

Eye-Theatre website

Dave Walker
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