Ocean Blue calls for a single PVR standard

Personal video players

ocean_blue_software.gifOcean Blue Software has called for a single standard for digital TV recorders (PVRs). Managing Director of Ocean Blue said that the introduction of Freeview Playback has been a step in the right direction, but that most PVRs contain proprietary software due to a lack of industry standard guidelines.

Ocean Blue would like to see a single brand across satellite, cable, and even IPTV broadcasts. Their Voyager software system is already the standard mandated middleware solution for Freeview digital TV receivers, while Sunrise is a DVB compliant suite of software that can receive analogue and digital video and audio, with Surfsoft being a Freeview Playback standard.

Could Ocean Blue be suggesting that they would offer the best software standard?

“It has taken Sky two years and many £ millions to establish its PVR brand amongst a small number of consumers,” Helps commented. I’m not convinced that Sky is going to open up their standard, or change to another. Why should they? They’re quite happy with their proprietary format – it locks people in to their service for a start.

Simplicity for consumers is all very nice, but business needs usually come first.

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