Top-Up TV giving away PVRs for free?

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It’s funny how sometimes stories just come to you. Like today, when I had a representative of Top Up TV ringing me up to ask if I wanted a free digital recorder.

Apparently, I had been ‘specially selected’ to receive the Thomson box, which packs a 160GB hard drive, twin tuner, TV pause and rewind, scart connectivity and a remote control – all for its Anytime TV service. I do have an old subscription, but only because I forgot to cancel it some months back.

Sadly, the agent didn’t give full details of the deal – and I imagine some sort of contract would have been necessary. But looking at the Top Up TV website, the price of the box ranges from £75 to £139.99 – even of you sign up for a year. So why are some customers randomly getting them free? Or are all customers ‘specially selected’ for a free box?

And is it a sign that that Top Up TV is getting desperate in its battle with Sky and cable? Only time will tell.

Top Up TV website

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One thought on “Top-Up TV giving away PVRs for free?

  • I think this is more of an attempt to get people over to Top Up TV Anytime before they remove the 3 remaining linear channels which are UKTV Gold, Eurosport and UKTV Style.

    Once those channels go, then the only way to watch programming from the above channels on Digital Terrestrial Television will be via Top Up TV Anytime, which requires the Top Up TV+ Thomson DTI6300-16 Digital Television Recorder that they are offering free to some people….and to others, they have been offering it for £50.

    It’s a good deal for a twin tuner PVR which has series link.

    Top Up TV don’t need to battle it out with Sky and Virgin Media….they have their own niche market already….those that can’t and won’t have a dish or a cable.

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