The Top 7 iPhone rumours you haven't heard yet


iphone-now.jpgThere’s acres of speculation humming around the iPhone this week, encouraged by Apple’s habit of releasing new info shortly before launch (see last week’s announcements of the iPhone’s boosted battery life and YouTube application).

It’s no surprise that every man and his dog have a supposedly credible iPhone rumour then. We’re better than that, of course. We’ve got seven! And I promise that each and every one of them comes from a trusted secret source deep within the bowels of my imagination Apple HQ. Starting with…

1. Microsoft is planning to release an iPhone application called Virtual Smartphone. It’s the counterpart to its Virtual PC app for Macs. The idea: you’ll be able to run Windows Mobile on an iPhone.

2. The iPhone DOES have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It’s just that nobody at Apple can remember how to work the catch. Steve Jobs is fuming.

3. There’s space for three more mystery icons to add to the existing 12. The 13th will be left blank to avoid bad luck, the 14th signs you up to Facebook’s ‘Worship Steve Jobs’ group, and the 15th is a rape alarm.

4. The iPhone is rigged up to explode if you try and put a non AT&T SIM card inside it. That website PureMobile wasn’t shut down because it was promising to sell unlocked iPhones. They just ran out of live employees.

5. The iPhone is 3G after all
. You just have to ask it nicely.

6. Cross-platform compatibility. When placed within 10 metres of an Apple TV and a Mac Mini, the three devices hum along to whatever tune you’re playing, synchronising their harmonies via Wi-Fi.

7. Steve Jobs will announce the iPhone Nano on 30th June. It’ll have GPS, 3G, and the processing power of two MacBook Pros. Oh, and it’ll be half the price. Poor the early adopters.

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