Get (virtually) hands on with iPhone thanks to Apple's guided tour



It’s iPhone launch week, which means a.) the hype machine will crank up to scorching level by Friday, and b.) from next Monday, we’ll have to find another mythical handset to burble on about. GooglePhone, anyone? PSP phone? Haribo Tangfastic Handset? Okay, maybe not that last one.

Anyway, Apple fans have spent the weekend frothing over a 25-minute Guided Tour of the iPhone on Apple’s website, which explains the handset’s features Suitably Slowly And With Maximum Gravitas. Some new stuff is revealed too, and mobile blog Pocket Picks has chosen some of the more interesting ones.

Such as? You can customise the iPhone’s iPod menu by dragging icons around with your finger, the Safari browser can have multiple pages open at once using a neat thumbnail interface, you can view Word and PDF documents on the phone, and overlay live traffic data onto Google Maps.

There’s also a nifty Call Merging feature where you hit a single on-screen button to merge two separate phone calls into a conference call. I’m not so sure about the two-step process to turn off the phone though – you have to hold down a button THEN swipe an on-screen slider.

iPhone Guided Tour (via Pocket Picks)

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