Vodafone and TomTom team up for traffic information system

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tomtom.jpgLocation and navigation based services are increasingly important to the mobile operators, particularly as GPS starts making its way into phones like Nokia’s N95. Vodafone knows this, which is why it’s announced a new partnership with satnav firm TomTom to develop a new traffic information service.

It won’t launch until 2008, and will involve TomTom using real-time data from Vodafone’s server bunker on how fast cars are travelling across major UK roads, and turn this into useful traffic alerts for drivers. Apparently it’s going to “redefine traffic mobility in the UK”. Gotta love those press release quotes.

No more details for the moment, other than the fact that the new service will be available to ALL TomTom users – not just the ones with Vodafone mobiles.

TomTom website

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