The USB Engine Hub


usb-engine-hub.jpgIt’s a USB hub that makes engine noises.

Presumably manufacturer SolidAlliance did a lot of research and found that a large number of people can’t work without fake engine sounds blasting into their ears from a few feet away.

Maybe next it can make a USB screaming baby hub or a USB power drill hub. Maybe, when the technology becomes available, it can make a hub that produces a smell of burning rubber as well.

The USB Engine Hub has three USB 2.0 sockets, so is at least of some use if you have an old computer with only two USB sockets stuffed round the back of it.

We should probably start up a regular feature called ‘Stupidest Thing of the Day’, or at least invent a new category labeled ‘Rubbish Novelty Gifts for Dad’.

Via (Akihabara News)

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