High-value consumers want Net Neutrality: no two-tier Internet

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broadbandmodem.jpgTim Berners-Lee has spoken out against it, now new research suggests that high-value Internet consumers in Europe want flat-rate pricing on their broadband service without Internet Service Providers (ISPs) placing restrictions on what they can access.

JupiterResearch, which carried out the Europe-wide study, is urging ISPs not to supply faster, prioritised Internet access only to a select group of web sites that pay for improved performance.

29% of consumers questioned said that they desired flat-rate, unlimited broadband, while 16% said they wanted no access restrictions.

This “Net choicer” segment will increase in size as it issues surrounding broadband restrictions become more apparent to the public.

“Net choicers are important as they are both heavy Internet users and are great prospects for the sale of digital content by ISPs or other Internet companies,” said Ian Fogg, Research Director at JupiterResearch. “Net choicers are more than twice as likely to pay for Internet video, games or digital music than mainstream consumers.”

“ISPs that wish to increase their broadband revenue must be clear about the benefits of each of their broadband packages: which are restricted, and which are truly unlimited,” said Fogg. “Otherwise consumers will be unable to identify which broadband packages are higher quality and so are worthy of a premium price. If ISPs remain opaque in their broadband marketing, the decline of per customer broadband revenue will continue.”

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