Daily Tech Hotlinks for 26-June-2007: Librarians, ATMs, German Gmail, internet radio, French BlackBerries

Daily Tech Hotlinks

– College librarians have been given a rap over the knuckles and told to start ‘thinking like video gamers’. Err…so start thinking about boobs, Monster Munch, and how wrong the BBFC are for banning Manhunt 2?
– Who knew that the world’s first ATM was installed in a branch of Barclays in Enfield, north London, 40 years ago this week? The maximum withdrawal allowance was a tenner, which “was regarded then as quite enough for a wild weekend”, the 82-year old inventor claims.
– No more trading bratwurst recipes for German Gmailers, as Google are threatening to shut Gmail down in the sausage-laden country due to its new internet surveillance law which goes against its anonymity pact.
Today in the US thousands of webcasters will be turning off their internet radio stations in protest over the impending royalty rate increase which could lead to the closure of the country’s internet radio industry. No more Wham!, bollocks.
– The US renamed French fries as Freedom fries, and it seems the French are getting revenge by banning their government officials from using BlackBerries for official correspondence, for fear that the US National Security Agency will spy on their information sent through the US servers.

Katherine Hannaford
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