Mamiya's 645AFD II digicam: 22 megapixels



While you can get, say, a thousand, crappy digital cameras for $10,000, you can also get a single Mamiya’s 645AFD II medium format camera, designed to function seamlessly in either the film or digital universes. It has a 80mm f/2.8 AF lens, equivalent to a 50mm conventional lens, can shoot 1.5 frames per second, and has a 14-bit sensor which generates 12-bit images. Dedicated “Quick Action” buttons let you pre-set functions you use all the time, and it’s pre-loaded with 36 custom functions. If you’re already set up with half a Mamiya and only need a digital back, you can pick up the Mamiya ZD digital back for only $7,000. [GT]

Mamiya’s 645AFD II | Mamiya ZD digital back [via CNet]

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