Brando offers M300 watch phone with Bluetooth and music player

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Back in February, we mentioned the possibility of the M300 watch phone hitting these shores. Well, it’s not officially here yet, but you can have one shipped to your door by Brando.

It’s pure novelty, but novelty that actually works. This is a tri-band mobile phone, so once you’ve updated your address book, you can make and receive calls, as well as receiving text messages. You can’t send though – no keyboard. But to compensate for that, there’s the added bonus of a music player with 60GB of storage and USB hook-up, A2DP Bluetooth (which means streaming to your wireless headphones), built-in speaker, one-inch screen and of course, it tells the time.

Not a bad price either – retailing for the equivalent of just over £150.

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  • i have bought the m300 i was trying to write the mesages from it how can i write them on it please can someone tell how because this thing is the very shit of the year. thanks

  • The M300 Wrist Phone watch made by brando china,is now banned from ebay for copyright infringment.The M300 was first developed by an Australian Company SMS Technology and was to be released last yr Sept, but because it was not a practical Unit to be sold and shipped worldwide the company no longer wanted to distribute this model.A chinese company made a fake pirated version of this watch and started selling them on there website and ebay.SMS quickly got them removed and banned.I4Unews did a review on the watch I4U News – M300 Wrist Mobile Phone User Review and has now just recently updated there website saying not to purchase the watch because it is a fake pirated copy of the original.New Buyers Beware of this… look and make sure that whomever has purchased this watch,check quality standards and FCC passed and inspected.The new wrist phone M500 from SMS Technology has been now released and being shipped worldwide, I personaly own this watch and it has passed FCC standards and is not a copy or fake.Overall it is more practical with a color touch screen so you can dial numbers alot easier and send sms text messages ,blue tooth headset , MP4 and MP3 technology and only 15mm thick.The Usability and Practicality of the M500 was worth the wait for the improvments over the M300………….Just thought i should let you guys know the M300 wll soon be removed from most retail websites

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