Orange launches Mobile Wind Charger at Glastonbury

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Orange has jumped on the Glastonbury publicity bandwagon, announcing the launch of a mobile phone charger prototype powered by wind. Sadly, with Bono not appearing, it can’t be tested with extreme bouts of hot air.

The Orange Mobile Wind Charger is the result of months of research into a viable alternate energy source to power mobile phones during summer music festivals. Working with Professor Shashank Priya at the University of Texas at Arlington, Orange commissioned the research into an off grid wind-powered portable phone charger that would take into account the unpredictable English climate to ensure a constant energy source.

The wind turbine, weighing in at only 150g, is small enough to fit into a rucksack and is easily mounted onto festival goers’ tents using a simple mounting bracket. So whilst festival goers are out watching bands during the day, they’ll have the power to recharge their phones when they return. As long as they’re not stolen during the day along with your other valuables (he says from bitter experience).

No news of commercial availability as yet, but if all goes to plan, that could happen in the near future.

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