Microsoft Zune struggling against the mighty iPod?

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zunecollection.jpgReports are suggesting that, despite a massive marketing drive by Microsoft, sales of its Zune portable music player are not doing particularly well. They are even struggling to match that of iPod’s other competitors – the likes of Sandisk’s Sansa and Creative’s Zen.

Microsoft has stated that it expects to sell a million Zunes by June 2007. This bit of rhyming rhetoric isn’t exactly impressive – achievable but not iPod-killing.

I know iPods have been around for (what seems like) ages now, but Apple are selling about 3 million every month. That’s a serious advantage.

ITWire make some interesting points. Firstly, this wireless capability that supposedly sets Zune apart is not hugely useful yet. It only connects to other Zunes, and you have to find one first. Maybe if it connected to a PC wirelessly too that’d be a bit more impressive.

Secondly, the Zune can’t be used as a USB storage device, unlike many other players including the iPod.

Of course, Microsoft aren’t likely to give up, and there are other markets to expand into. Can the Zune really be a serious contender to the iPod?

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One thought on “Microsoft Zune struggling against the mighty iPod?

  • As you correctly state, Microsoft isn’t about to give up. And there certainly are other markets ripe for expansion — specifically, by Zune, itself, not just Microsoft as an entity.

    Analysts who limit their focus on Zune as just an “MP3 device” will be caught off-guard when, in time, MSFT integrates features such as micro-payment processing in order to make Zune your ‘lifetime device’.

    Gene from

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