No Zune Mac compatibility – oh boo-hoo!

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No surprise really: a Microsoft product won’t be immediately compatible with the Mac. Well, there’s a surprise. The ongoing love-hate (mainly hate) relationship between Apple and Microsoft continued with the news that Macs aren’t really a priority for the Redmond giant.

No player compatibility and no ‘Marketplace’ software. Then again, MS are supposedly aiming their player at MP3-less people, and there’s a perception that most Mac owners who want an MP3 player will go for the iPod.

So, Macheads, are we bovvered?

Andy Merrett
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  • What’d be the point. Apple has to support the PC with iPod
    because a) That’s their buiesness model, and b) their PC market is a 4%? But even the first gen iPods didn’t support PC.

    Second, 90% of Mac users hate microsoft already anyway. 95% of mac users are not going to get a Zune. Thy’d rather get an iPod… cause it’s Apple.

  • WOW! that os retarded! i like my iPod but am sick of it! i own a mac and now cant have a zune???? apple was kind to make it both for windows and mac os x and so should microsoft……..BURN IN HELL!

  • i have been a long time pc user for a long time, but now i primarily use my macbook laptop, i was dissappointed to hear that MS was not planning to provide compatability with mac users.. this is no surprise because microsoft sucks, the ipod is compatable with windows, so why cant they be fair and make it both ways. so FUCK YOU microsoft!

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