Microsoft opens Zune information website

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Twelve days before the Zune launches Stateside, Microsoft have opened up the Zune website that provides information about the features of the forthcoming player, music store (marketplace), and third-party accessories.

Here’s what the site says about the marketplace

So you’ve got your Zune set up and you’ve built your library, but wait, you’re craving something more. Oh yes, that’s right. You want more music! No problem, Zune Marketplace is there for you.

Zune Marketplace is the online store for Zune. Browse and preview music, get the scoop on albums and artists, and download songs. You can get your music in two ways: a la carte downloads, or ‘all you can eat’ access with the Zune Pass subscription. You’re probably familiar with the single purchase option: pick your songs and pay as you go. A Zune Pass is different. With a Zune Pass, you can download as many songs as you like – listen to them on your computer or sync them to your Zune and take them with you. Everything you download is yours to play as much as you want while your subscription is current. Want to refill your Zune with completely new music? Go right ahead – with a Zune Pass, it’s easy.

There’s also information about some of the bands already signed up to have their music available in the marketplace, plus a sneak peak at some of the accessories coming out – many of which look suspiciously like revamped iPod accessories – but then I suppose they would given that Microsoft has been targeting iPod accessory makers

Zune site

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