Microsoft targets "Made for iPod" companies for Zune accessories

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zune.pngWhatever Steve Jobs thinks of Zune, Apple must see Microsoft’s new player as some kind of threat to the iPod.

Microsoft are now touting for business with companies that make official “Made for iPod” merchandise to make “Designed for Zune” products too. One manufacturer, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, has already confirmed that it’s taking part in the programme.

Some aren’t, however, such as XtremeMac who say they are remaining entirely focused on making the best possible accessories for the iPod.

Griffin, a prolific maker of accessories, didn’t comment on whether they’d be making products for the Zune, but it would be a surprise if they didn’t.

The MP3 accessory market is a lucrative one – the iPod is huge but if the Zune also becomes a success and people respond to the massive amount of marketing that Microsoft will be doing, anyone selling accessories for the player also stands to benefit.

(Via MacWorld)

Andy Merrett
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