Security software companies should've prepared better for Vista


vista.jpgIn the ongoing war of words about Windows Vista and third-party anti-virus/security software, Sophos have tried a bit of point-scoring over rivals McAfee and Symantec by saying they should have been better prepared for Windows Vista.

Symantec and McAfee have recently said they’ve been ‘locked out’ of the Vista OS kernel by MS’s PatchGuard technology, but Sophos say they’ve had no problems with it at all. Sophos have also said that Microsoft has provided all of the interfaces that they need to provide Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS).

Richard Jacobs, CTO of Sophos said “Symantec and McAfee may be struggling with HIPS because they haven’t coded their solutions with high-spec Vista in mind. We’ve taken a different approach, by focusing on catching bad behaviour before it has a chance to occur. Additionally, we are building our technology by making use of supported Microsoft interfaces rather than by trying to subvert them. That’s why we’re ready for 64-bit Vista, and others aren’t.

“PatchGuard is a step in the right direction for customers, and we believe that security vendors should embrace and work with PatchGuard rather than fight it.”

Andy Merrett
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  • On 13 October, Microsoft said it would reverse earlier plans by opening up the Vista 64bit kernel to security firms via an API interface and turn off alerts in Windows Security Centre when third-party consoles are already installed on PCs.

    They just want Microsoft piece

  • I am going to boycot Symantec and McAfee.
    Microsoft is trying to do a good thing.
    I pledge allegence to Microsot and Sophos.

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