Microsoft Office 2007 will create swathe of new file formats


xmlextensions.gifHave you ever been in a workplace where someone has frequently asked you “What do I save it as?” when faced with an Office dialogue box with a myriad of different file formats. Usually, the default works though I have known people save Word documents as Excel files, and vice-versa.

It’s surely for the persecution of these people (and in fact, maybe all of us) that Microsoft has introduced a whole bevy of new file formats. Oh sure, they say it’s to make file sizes smaller and increase the chances of file recovery from corrupted documents.

Now, for the sake of academia, here are those lovely new file extensions. Gonna learn them?

Document: .docx
Macro-enabled document: .docm
Template: .dotx
Macro-enabled template: .dotm

Workbook: .xlsx
Macro-enabled workbook: .xlsm
Template: .xltx
Macro-enabled template: .xltm
Non-XML binary workbook: .xlsb
Macro-enabled add-in: .xlam

Presentation: .pptx
Macro-enabled presentation: .pptm
Template: .potx
Macro-enabled template: .potm
Macro-enabled add-in: .ppam
Show: .ppsx
Macro-enabled show: .ppsm
Slide: .sldx
Macro-enabled slide: .sldm
Office theme: .thmx

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