Xerox develops paper that erases itself


xerox.jpgI’d hope that none of us wants to see the planet in ruins (apart from maybe a few comic book baddies) so when something like the following comes along we should all be pretty happy. Those clever folk over at Xerox Corp. have developed a new technology – as part of their ongoing investigations into better green products – which they refer to as “erasable paper”.

The concept is a simple one: paper prints that last only a day before fading to a blank sheet once more, allowing constant reuse and peace of mind (you’re part of the solution now, not the problem!). The environmental advantages are huge what with the amount of paper products used unnecessarily in todays society and the constant rainforest horror stories that we hear every day. Something needed to be done, Xerox is stepping up.

The main advantages for this new product is thought to be in the office where many documents are printed for only a brief viewing, sometimes as little as only one glance; that web page that you really shouldn’t be looking at on company computers, an email from that rep. whose calls you’ve been avoiding, the letter of resignation that you just can find the courage to hand over, the list goes on and on. In fact, Xerox estimates that as many as two out of every five pages printed for office use fall under this category. What a waste.

The erasable print lasts in the range of 16 – 24 hours before it’s gone but that process can supposedly be speeded up by exposing the paper to heat (I’m assuming here that they don’t just mean burn the paper and the document will be gone… I’m fairly confident the paper we have now can do that already).

Even as a self-confessed computer junkie, this blogger still admits to preferring text on paper as opposed to screen so I can certainly see the benefits here. Don’t expect to see erasable paper in the shops any time soon but when it does show face I hope businesses and homes alike adopt it as quickly as they should.


John Connelly
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