Firebox launches 'CrapWrap' – intentionally awful wrapping for presents


This tickled me a little, so I thought you might find it amusing too. Gadget and gift site Firebox will be offering a CrapWrap option alongside its more normal giftwrap options this year. CrapWrap allows you to send a loved one a package deliberately wrapped very very badly. It’s like doing it yourself, but without the effort!

Actually, that’s a lie. I’m a bit of a wrapping ninja. You can be too – it’s not tough. Follow the instructions on, and you’ll be the one whose presents under the tree for others look just that little bit more special than everyone else’s.

Firebox CrapWrap

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Measuring 13.4", would YOU carry this Epson electronic newspaper with you?


Epson doesn’t just make printers, you know. They just showed off this 13.4″ electronic paper, which as you can see is designed to replace print newspapers. You can hear e-book reader manufacturers sniggering into their small newspaper-replacements, can’t you?

With a pixel count of 3104 x 4128, and 385ppi definition, it was created using electrophoretic electronic ink and polycrystal Si-TFT, if those words mean anything to you. Does lugging one of these…

Pre-internet technology at its finest: ThinkGeek's paper emails


Do you remember the days before email? I personally used carrier pigeons, and then later upgraded to a small man on a penny farthing, what did form of communication did you employ?

ThinkGeek is offering some pre-internet technology, called ‘paper email’. It’s a funny thing, you actually write emails with something called a biro using your hand – can you imagine! It might take me a few days to learn the OS for that system.

It’s $3.99 for 50 paper emails, which is an awful lot – heck, I only pay £10 a month for my broadband, and send thousands of emails for that…