Google to offer own-brand office software to rival Microsoft


In a potential challenge on Microsoft’s dominance in the office, Google will allow companies to run its email, calendar, and possibly word processing (Writely) and spreadsheet applications on their own domains.

It’s another branch-out for the search giant. Ad-supported, there will also be an ad-free, paid for version of the service – though whether this is a one-off or subscription fee is unknown.

Google would continue to host the software on its servers, thus taking the cost and burden away from companies. Google pointed to the complexity of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office, but at the same time said that it wasn’t seeking to offer a complete replacement for desktop applications.

I’m not quite sure who this is aimed at. I can’t see many companies
switching entirely to an off-site system with reduced capabilities when
the Microsoft ethos is ingrained the corporate culture. Writely and
Google Spreadsheets are good, but they’re no match for Microsoft Word
or Excel for all but the simplest documents.

What do you think? Will this catch on or should Google just stick to its search engine?

Andy Merrett
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  • The Bell Tolls For Microsoft

    Today Google released a new service named Google Apps for Your Domain. Notice I didn’t say software package. Reffering to this new service as a software package would be doing it a disservice.

    This is not merely a collection of free software/services that Google is offering. That in itself is pretty nice for small business owners. I owned a small company during the late 1980’s through the late 1990’s, and I would have loved not having to spend all the money I did on software packages, that were no more functional than what Google is offering now for free. What Google is offering business owners, is the chance to re-think the way they do business, at no financial cost.

    How nice would it be to buy “packaged” software, and then get your money back a month later when you discover it really doesn’t meet your needs? If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of software collecting dust, because it didn’t do what you thought it would. Google is offering the chance to try a new business model for free, and if doesn’t work, you can always go back to over paying Microsoft for average software.

    Every day the web-centric world moves a little further away from the desktop as we know it. Every day Microsoft pretends that they still are a player. Every day the true web players, distance themselves further from the desktop world. The bell tolls a little longer, a little louder, every day. I’m guessing Microsoft can hear the ringing in their ears.

    I’m Guessing

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