Flogging your unwanted Christmas gifts on eBay leads to hurt feelings


ebay.pngIn research hardly likely to surprise too many people, it’s been discovered that it really does hurt people’s feelings if you auction off the tat they gave you for Christmas on eBay.

Nevertheless, it’s now a pretty common dumping ground for stuff that you got that you can’t ever see yourself using/wearing/washing with…

15% of online shoppers plan to sell unwanted Christmas gifts online, with a further 35% considering it – and women are worse than men.

New research from The London Gift Consultancy shows that one in fourteen people (7.2 per cent) say they would be broken hearted if they knew that the gift they bought their loved one was put up for sale on eBay. In total, 71 per cent of people surveyed said it would hurt their feelings if the gift they gave their loved one was put up for sale on eBay.

64% said they would be hurt, 12% irritated, and 9% angry.

The age group least likely to be hurt were the thirty-somethings, whilst teenagers, perhaps surprisingly, would be most upset by finding an unwanted gift on eBay.

So, sellers, choose your username more carefully. And gift buyers – find out what they really want first.

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Andy Merrett
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