Jajah offers free calls for Christmas


According to new research by Jajah, the UK is the most expensive country in Europe for making calls to friends and family on Christmas Day, with consumers expected to make over 172 million calls at a cost of almost £1/4 billion. But if you take Jajah up on its latest offer, your Christmas calls could be free.

Jajah is offering anyone in Europe free telephone calls from your home phone on Christmas day to over a third of the world’s population and 70 locations in the world, covering everywhere from the US, China and India to France, Germany and Venezuela.

We have featured Jajah in the past, both for its home calling service and its reduced-cost mobile calling. The service works via your home PC, but using your home phone. Enter your number and the number you are calling at the website , then press ‘call’. Jajah then rings both parties on their home phones. You can also use the service for conference calling or you can schedule a call in advance.

For full details of where you can call and how to register, visit the Jajah website.

Dave Walker
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  • You can get 30 days of free international mobile calling at Rebtel – and you don’t have to use a computer to set up every call.

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