Sony PS3 video special: 16 black PSPs, hangin' on the wall…


Not an earth-shattering thing, this, but at last night’s PS3 bloggers event in London, Sony had 16 PSPs casually hanging on the wall, displaying games and video content. I almost decided there and then to recreate it in my living room. Then I worked out how much that would cost. Anyway, watch the quick video clip below, and check more thoughts after the jump.

One thing that came through strongly at last night’s event was the tight integration between PS3 and PSP – much more so than anything Nintendo has said about Wii and DS. Features like Remote Play, for example, might not sell the PS3 itself, but could become seen as one of its most powerful features once people have the console sitting in their living rooms.

Oh, a quick other clip thrown in below, because it didn’t really justify its own post. Genji: Days Of The Blade (what is it with all these colons in modern-day games?). It looks a bit rubbish, but that might be because the person playing it wasn’t very good. But still, if I wanted to see men wielding big lamp-post-like objects in fighty situations, I could just head down to Bishops Stortford high street on a Friday night…

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