Sony PS3 video special: Resistance: Fall Of Man


Resistance: Fall of Man is being touted as the PS3’s Halo-beater (mainly, it has to be said, because it’s quite a lot like Halo). Sony was showing it off at last night’s Bloggers Event on back-to-back TVs for proper deathmatching – i.e. not taking sneaky peeks at your foe’s half of the screen to figure out where they’re hiding. Watch the video below, and then see more impressions after the jump.

Resistance does look really good, with predictably spectacular visuals allied to slick and smooth gameplay. There’s a bit too much hiding behind rocks for my liking, but I guess first-person shooters have moved on from the days when Real Men yomped around Quake deathmatches shooting wildly before going down in a blaze of glory (note: my failure to move on from those days tactically may have contributed to my average Halo 2 online lifespan of 4.6 seconds).

I’d say Resistance was the game that most people wanted to play at last night’s event too, making it the likely launch buzz title when PS3 finally makes it to Europe in the Spring. By which point, naturally, the rest of the world will have honed their killing instincts ready to kick some British/French/Spanish/etc arse. Well, shoot it.

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