Skype launches beta version of Skype 2.2 for Windows Mobile


Skype has launched a beta version of Skype 2.2 for Windows Mobile and announced that the number of pocket devices supporting Skype now totals 120 – which means anyone with high-speed access and one of these devices can now save on mobile or roaming costs by using VoIP instead.

Skype for Windows Mobile can be downloaded for free. As well as support for more Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PC devices, there’s also an enhanced today screen with presence status and event notification (missed calls, new chat messages and voicemails), proxy support and of course, the expected Skype calling features, including Skype-to-Skype calls, support for SkypeOut, SkypeIn, voicemail and call forwarding.

It also keeps a similar look and feel to PC-based Skype and features one-click Skype access, multi-person chat and an enhanced contact list.

You can download it now at the Skype website.

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