30 last-minute tech gadget Christmas stocking fillers


While I don’t condone the fact that you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last minute and you’ve spent nearly all your cash at the work’s Christmas do, I’ve written this guide because I feel sorry for your techie relatives who might not get anything this Yuletide.

So, here we go with the Tech Digest under-a-tenner stocking filler guide.

You’ve left it far too late to order any of this stuff online, but you have a few days to run around the overcrowded stores in your home town, and hopefully you’ll find at least a couple of these items.

Just don’t expect to find them in the 24-hour petrol station.

1_nintendo_ds_6_in_1_travel_pack.jpg1. DS Lite 6-in-1 Travel Pack

Charge your games console while on the road with this convenient DS Lite 6-in1 Travel Pack. The kit comprises a soft pouch, USB car adaptor, USB power cable and three game cases to protect and store your cartridges.[£4 Woolworths]

2_pc_usb_game_controller.jpg2. PC USB Controller

Ideal for racing games and other gaming control, offering four front mounted action buttons and eight-way directional thumb pad. [£4.99 Woolworths]

3_psp_crystal_case.jpg3. PSP Crystal Case

Offers protection from scratches without breaking the bank. [£4.99 Woolworths]

4_chad_valley_buzz_off.jpg4. Chad Valley Buzz Off

All the fun of the fair with this portable buzzer wire game. [£5.99 Woolworths]

5_spin_the_bottle.jpg5. Spin the Bottle

Don’t waste time looking for an empty wine bottle and making up your own questions. This electronic version will do it for you. [£7.49 Woolworths]

6_handheld_tetrix.jpg6. Handheld Tetris

Enjoy the classic Tetris in portable format. This version features lighted screen and auto-open lid. [£7.99 Woolworths]

7_cube_world.jpg7. Cube World twin pack

Get two of the Cube World characters that interact with each other. Features motion sensors and the ability for characters to visit each other’s cubes. [£9.99 Woolworths]

8_intellivision_video_game_system.jpg8. Intellivision Video Game System

Play over 25 built-in games direct on your TV simply by plugging in this battery-powered console. [£9.99 Woolworths]

9_pixel_chix_car.jpg9. Pixel Chix Car

Go driving with the Pixel Chixs in the cool new 3-D electronic Car. This funky car comes with a radio, car sounds and heaps of cool phrases. Simply press on the buttons and enjoy the ride! [£9.99 Woolworths]

10_20q_ball.jpg10. 20Q

The cool design and amazing abilities of this little electronic know it all will astound you as it guesses what you are thinking of within 20 LCD displayed questions. [£9.99 Woolworths]

11_dr_gary_brain_games.jpg11. Dr Gary Small Brain Games

Give your mind a workout with Dr Gary Small Brain Games. Featuring five fun and challenging activities to improve you brain age and keep it in shape. [£9.99 Woolworths]

12_disco_ball.jpg12. USB Gadget Disco Ball

USB-powered colourful desk standing disco ball, for lots of fun at the office. Or something like that.

[£4.99 PC World]

13_mobile_phone_charger.jpg13. USB Mobile Phone Charger

Universal adapters lets you charge a mobile phone directly from your PC’s USB port, thus utilising the computer’s power rather than tying up a power socket. [£4.99 PC World]

14_usb_massager.jpg14. USB Massager

OK, so it’s not going to rival a real massage, or that from a dedicated machine, but this USB massager could provide a little relief in a stressful office. Features a 6.5 foot cable. [£3.99 PC World]

15_usb_aquarium.jpg15. USB Aquarium

This USB aquarium offers a little stress relief. Simply fill with water and plug into a USB port. The fish swim gently back & forth & a high-intensity blue LED lights up the tank in the dark. [£4.99 PC World]

16_usb_pig_radio.jpg16. USB Black Pig Radio

This USB pig powers an auto-tuning radio (press the ears), with on/off and volume via the tail. [£3.99 PC World]

17_usb_pencil_sharpener.jpg17. USB Pencil Sharpener

People occasionally still use pencils, right? This USB-powered sharpener features coloured LEDs.

[£4.99 PC World]

18_usb_desk_fan.jpg18. USB Desk Fan

Compact USB-powered fan with adjustable neck, on/off switch, low noise, and five-piece LED light.
[£4.99 PC World]

19_thirst_aid_hat.jpg19. Thirst Aid Hat

Allows two bottles or cans of drink stored at the side pouches of this hat to be slurped through tubes. A must have accessory, surely. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]

20_candy_grabber.jpg20. Mini Candy Grabber

Quite why you’d slow down the speed of sweet consumption in the name of fun is beyond me, but apparently this is a “highly contagious” game.

It works much like the amusement game of old, except it is much smaller – even smaller than the Original Candy Grabber, so it fits perfectly on your desktop or dinner table. It has two joysticks and a mechanical claw that requires some serious dexterity to manoeuvre. You may fill the Candy Grabber with sweets. Or anything else you like. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]

21_pocket_alcohol_tester.jpg21. Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

An eminently sensible device that can be taken with you on a night out, or even the following day, to ensure that you’re not intoxicated when you consider driving. Of course, decent mates and a sensible head will also help, but this is a useful little gadget just to be sure. [£7.95 The Product Page]

22_rubiks_cube.jpg22. Rubik’s Cube

It’s back. The ’80s puzzle phenomenon has surfaced once again to drive a whole new generation bonkers. Surely Rubik’s Cube needs no further explanation — just a solution book. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]

23_sonic_grenade.jpg23. Sonic Grenade

Oh boy, this is sure to cause havoc in offices — either for everyone if it’s a light-hearted place, or for the owner if it’s a bit strict.

Basically, you select a sound, then lob this soft grenade at a colleague. After 20 seconds, it explodes in a cacophony of noise. Oh the joy. Oh the bleeding eardrums. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]

24_coin_sorter.jpg24. Coin Sorter

I’m sure you know someone who likes to keep their loose change in order, and while this isn’t the most fun item around, sometimes gifts can be practical too. Just like socks.

Only this sorts UK coinage from 1p to £2. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]

25_ant_habitat.jpg25. Ant Habitat

If you like trapping ants in a big container filled with nutrient-rich blue gel, and can’t be bothered with feeding them, then the Ant Habitat is the gizmo for you. You still have to collect your own ants, though. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop

26_sharp_shooter_tv_remote_control.jpg26. Sharp Shootin’ TV Remote Controller

Though you actually end up having to use your existing TV remote control to control this gun, which then fires at the TV, there’s still something rather cool about this. And, it comes with a full-size sheriff badge, too, so no messing with you. King of the TV! [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]


27. Underwater Bath Light Show

It’s non environmentally-friendly to take baths all the time, so on the occasions that you do, make the most of them. Add a splash of technology with this underwater light show.

Underneath its domed and dimpled exterior sits a dazzling array of under-water lighting technology capable of displaying five different multicoloured sequences; some still and subdued, some flashing and dynamic. [£7.95 The Gadget Shop]

28_rubber_duck_radio.jpg28. Rubber Duck AM/FM Radio

Who doesn’t like a nice rubber duck in their bath, particularly when it’s got a radio. No, it’s not DAB (what do you expect for a tenner?) but it will blast out your favourite analogue stations. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]

29_strength_ball.jpg29. Strength Ball

Use gyroscopic power to increase the strength of you hands, wrists, and fingers. Great for musicians or anyone wanting a firmer handshake.

The Strength Ball increases your muscle condition in your hands, wrists and arms. Regular use can lead to greater grab strength as well as improved circulation. [£9.95 The Gadget Shop]

30_shake_powered_torch.jpg30. Shake Powered Torch

Shake this torch for around 45 seconds, to give about 5 minutes of light. Sure, you need a bit of muscle power, but at least you don’t have to worry about batteries running out. Yes, it’s more eco-friendly too. [£5.95 The Gadget Shop]

Andy Merrett
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