Sheep may go to heaven and goats may go to hell, but they're all getting electronically-tagged in the EU

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It may sound like a joke, and at first I was wondering whether The Reg was up to its old tricks again, but a quick google suggests that the EU really is going to ensure every goat and sheep is electronically tagged by December 31st, 2009.

If this story sounds familiar, you’d be right in receiving a sense of de ja vu – it was meant to be in place this year, but the UK delayed it by two years, due to the concerns about “cost and practicalities”, according to the Animal Welfare Minister Jeff Rooker.

Designed to stamp out foot and mouth disease, every sheep and goat will be fitted with the ID tags, except those intended for slaughter within the next 12 months. The estimated cost for tagging each animal? Apparently it’ll run into the millions, but the cost will decrease over the years, as the technology improves.

Good to see the EU intends on spying on all living creatures, not just us humans.

(via The Register)

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