Finger scissors – concept design lets you cut with a gesture

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These finger scissors are the work of Effrat Gommeh at Yanko Design. Slip these on, then make the rock-paper-scissors snipping gesture, and you’ll be able to cut paper like it was… er… paper. Brilliant.

Also brilliant on the Yanko Design site: a laptop mousetrap for those with prying roommates, a beautiful and elegant transparent iron, and the customizable peel-off light. I think I’ve found a new favourite group of designers…

Yanko Design (via Gizmodo)

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Make, share, and buy 3D designs online with Shapeways

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Shapeways is a lovely idea – it’s a website that lets you do 3D modelling online, without any of the tedious tweaking from three different angles that usually accompanies such modelling packages. You can design and share your creations, and Shapeways can produce and deliver any design within 10 working days.

I did a search, and there’s no goatses on the site just yet, which is a shame, but there are a number of lovely lamp surrounds, like the one pictured. These “light poems” require no modelling at all – you just put the text in, and it’ll create it for you. I’m making one right now that just says “poo” over and over again. Round and round. It’s beautiful.


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As the nights draw in, sales of SAD lamps go through the roof

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It’s getting darker and darker at the moment, and I’m not just talking about the economy. As the seasonal cycle goes on, and the nights set in earlier, and the weather gets gloomier, it’s only natural that some people might get a little bit down. Maybe that’s why lamps targeted at sufferers of SAD are selling like hot cakes.

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it’s a psychological disorder caused by a lack of sunlight. Symptoms include lethargy, low mood and anxiety. SAD lamps produce a more sunlight-like output than a normal lamp, and so they’re supposed to help your mood.

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Light up your life with a noose-shaped lamp

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Okay, so this isn’t the most pleasant piece of art in the world, but it’s sorta cool. It’s a light-up hanging noose. Just the thing to go with your Joy Division albums. Odds are that it wouldn’t support the weight of a human, but it might electrocute you in the process, if you’re inclined to give it a try…

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It's dark. You can't find the thing you need. You need a Night Coaster.

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This is a nice and simple gadget, and I like nice and simple gadgets.

The problem: You wake in the night and you need to take some medication / answer your mobile / put your glasses on – but it is too dark.

The answer: Night Coaster sits on your bedside table with your medication / mobile phone / pair of glasses on it’s surface. By simply waving your hand over the Coaster, a soft blue light is emitted and you are able to retrieve your item.

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Lamp made from cassette tapes manages to look awesome and help environment

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Here’s what I call a lamp! Throw out the IKEA free-standers, and buy yourself one of these limited edition cassette tape lamps from Transparent House.

Each lamp is hand-made using 140 actual tapes, which cast surprisingly pretty shadows onto the surrounding walls. Before you ask whether the bulb might melt the plastic tapes, don’t fret, as the designer…

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Tech Digest Unboxed: The Boom Box iLamp from Staples!

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Now I’m sure my postman thinks I’m strange. The amount of packages arriving for me in brown envelopes or paper, he must think I’m either a buying a job lot of ‘adult material’ or an ashamed trainspotter! Neither is true, but I am a bit of a geek.

So I’ve been waiting expectantly for this Boom Box iLamp that I spotted in UK stationary chain Staples. It’s a lamp, but also an iPod dock! Perfect for the office wouldn’t you say!

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Alien alarm clocks and lamps from Hasbro the perfect way to wake up (at 2pm)

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Feel a bit like Fox Mulder in series two where he encounters some alien lifeforms? Join the club. These aliens aren’t quite out of space though, unless Hasbro has set up camp on Neptune without us knowing.

Waking up can be an entirely different experience to what you’re accustomed to, with these Room Tech Clocks stamping on the bedside table until you switch it off. Sleepy purists can choose to set it to the standard music…

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