Krank lamp – krank, like you krank it (not like a joke)

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krank.jpgIt’s concept design eco-lamp heaven. So long as the Krank lamp works a little better than the Gary’s look at the wind-up torch, then it’s a good bit of work from Mr Efrain E. Velez.

Of course, the danger is that you rip off the head of the lamp from irritated excess kranking every five minutes between reading three pages of your book before the light fades. However, the magnet and copper coil internal mechanism is promised to produce between 40-60 minutes of light with “just a few kranks”.

I can imagine the Krank being a total pain in the arse but I can also imagine coming round to the idea pretty quickly as the sea-levels approach my doormat.

Efrain E. Velez (via Yanko Design)

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