HD DVD player manufacturers to drop prices

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venturer_shd7000_hd_dvd_player.jpgAs mentioned at Toshiba/HD DVD’s IFA press conference, a number of manufacturers are set to drop the prices of their current and new HD DVD players, with entry level machines now coming in at around €300 (£200-ish).

Oliver Van Wynendaele, a manager in Toshiba’s HD DVD group, said that was around half the current prices.

Heading up the cheap-n-cheerful crop of new players is the Ventura SHD7000, though it’s worth noting that it won’t play every high definition format, bombing out short of HD’s 1080p holy grail. Still, not bad if you’re on a budget.

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IFA 2007: Samsung's BD-UP5000 – the world's first Blu-ray/HD DVD player?!

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Samsung, more than any other company ever, loves its world firsts and surprise, surprise IFA is teeming with them. The one that is getting the hacks most excited is the BD-UP5000 Duo HD player, which it is billing as the first ever dual format optical high definition player. By that it means the first to have both Blu-ray and HD DVD players on board.

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IFA 07: LG DVR Pause and Play TV and PC users

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lg_lcd_dvr_range.jpgFor those of you into your pause and play TV, LG also had new 160GB DVRs with dual digital tuners on display. Each will naturally allow you to watch one program while recording another. They’ve got Freeview Playback Certification from the UK’s Digital TV group, so you can record subtitles and closed captions, in addition to video and audio, as well as intelligently schedule recording times in case a TV programme over-runs.

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IFA 07: Sony WALKMAN A and S series – DRM and DRM-free listening

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sony%20walkman%20silver%20A%20series.JPGIn the midst of telling us about their plans to turn the world HD (stay tuned for video of this for soon!), Sony also found time to launch a colourful new array of WALKMAN Video MP3 players that now include WMA as a supported format and bear the “PlaysForSure” Windows certification logo.

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