TECH BEEF 2008: Apple gets nasty in new TV ads

Duncan Geere Weirdness 2 Comments

A couple more Apple ads have surfaced, poking fun at the Microsoft ads that poked fun about Apple ads that poked fun at Microsoft and Vista. Here’s a potted history: Apple release the “I’m a PC, and I’m a Mac” ads, Microsoft respond with “I’m a PC, and I’ve been made into a stereotype” adverts, and Apple hit back with the above video, and another other the jump…

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The UK Scout Association goes web 2.0 for their Kids Outdoors website

Katherine Hannaford Web 2.0 Leave a Comment

After discovering through the largest survey so far that children and teens are spending less time than ever outdoors, the Scout Association has brushed up on their web design skills and launched their Kids Outdoors Campaign today, complete with spiffy web 2.0 flourishes.

They’ve got videos! That you can upload and share yourself! Share your photos of your kids getting sporty! They’ve got blog posts! They’ve got a tag cloud! They’ve even got a little log-in section on the top right-hand side, so you know they know you know they know their stuff! It’s just a shame about the poo-green colour scheme.

Their aim is to raise £10million…

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Operation Firefox campaign finalised, winners announced, world vandalised

Katherine Hannaford Internet Leave a Comment

Several months ago we wrote about Operation Firefox, the initiative that oozed of a corporation – ok, an admittedly cool corperation, getting all ‘down with the kids’ and asking them to vandalise on their behalf. Yep, we thought it smacked of free advertising and astro-turfing, too!

Just a couple of days ago…

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We have Facebook to thank for bringing back the Wispa (and our wibbly-wobbly thighs)

Katherine Hannaford Web 2.0 5 Comments

We’ve been hearing reports in the media the last few weeks that Wispas were making a comeback, after many years since the aerated chocolate bar was discontinued. It was only the other night I saw one in my local off-licence when I nipped over for a bottle of ketchup, and according to Shiny Shiny, we have Facebook to thank for this national treasure being made available once again, and for the extra fat on our thighs. High five!

Cadbury has commented that “This is the first time that the power of the Internet played such an intrinsic role…

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Lucky Korea, David Beckham is advertising the Motorola Razr 2 there, NAKED!

Katherine Hannaford Mobile phones 2 Comments

beckham-topless.jpg Phwroar! Feast your eyes on that! It’s not so much that it’s David Beckham, it’s more that we finally have a topless man on the pages of Tech Digest. For, um, all you men who read this blog…whoops…

Shiny Shiny wrote about how Beckham signed up with Motorola some time ago, to advertise their Razr 2, but finally, FINALLY, we have the nekkid pics…

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