Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to re-enact "I'm a Mac… I'm a PC" ads at joint conference session


gates-hp.jpgOkay, so they haven’t promised exactly that – instead they’ve merely announced they’ll be sharing the stage for an interview session at the Wall Street Journal’s ‘D: All Things Digital’ conference in May.

But imagine how cool it would be if the pair strolled on-stage and kicked off with a spoof of the “I’m a Mac…” ads? Admittedly, Bill might take a bit of persuading, what with the original ads being Apple-centric, and fairly derogatory about PCs in general. And there’s the danger it’d descend into geekspeek willy-waving (“I’ve got a dual-core DRM-enabled triple-sprocketed processing platform…”).

But it’d still raise a laugh. And then they could dance around the stage in a spoof of Intel’s Core 2 Duo ‘Multiply’ Ads. It’d be ACE.

More seriously, the session promises to be fascinating. I’d like to see Jobs and Gates get their teeth into the digital rights management (DRM) issue for digital music. Jobs wants it scrapped, while Microsoft is heavily involved with pushing its own DRM technology.

A chat about mobile would also be entertaining, what with Microsoft recently unveiling Windows Mobile 6, and Apple on the verge of launching, well, some phone or other.

Stuart Dredge
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