Barack Obama puts UK politicians to shame for Web 2.0 skillz

Web 2.0

obamawebsite.jpgStill think this Web 2.0 revolution is just about finding hot bald Britney lookalikes on MySpace to add to your Friend list? Well, yes. Kind of. But there are more serious aspects too.

Take politics, for example. Next year’s US presidential election is likely to be influenced heavily by Web 2.0 whizziness. Check the new website for Democrat candidate Barack Obama, for example, which lets users create their own profiles, hook up to plan local events, and write blogs about the campaign.

Meanwhile, rivals John Edwards and Hillary Clinton have rolled out their own sites owing as much to YouTube as they do to traditional campaign platforms. Meanwhile, here in the UK we’re laughing at webcameron and giving Tony Blair a good kicking for his Downing Street e-Petitions website.

Techscape wonders whether we shouldn’t be getting behind these efforts instead. Read the full post.

Stuart Dredge
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  • And further to this, here’s an online E Debate Site, where you can watch loads of Youtube vids from the growing morass of candidates for US President.

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