UK Web 2.0 site TrustedPlaces gets a revamp

Web 2.0

trustedplaces.jpgIt’s a social networking site based around cool places, from restaurants and pubs through to gig venues and art galleries. You build a profile, and then find places to go based on reviews of other users, while posting your own reviews too.

Anyway, the site has been relaunched with a recommendations engine, fuelling new features like ‘People Who Like This Also Liked…’ and ‘Cool Places Nearby’. It’s also got a new ‘Taste Finder’ game that gets you to say whether you like different types of food, music and drink, and then theoretically turns this into recommendations for you.

Techscape has been poking around the revamped site, and likes what it sees, bar the odd Mac/FireFox glitch. Check out its full review.

Stuart Dredge
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