Archos 7 and 8 Home tablets on the way

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Archos have just announced the release of two new bits of tablet kit. The Archos 7 and 8 Home tablets will be available in April and May respectively, and will be priced somewhere around the wallet-friendly price of £135. However,…

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Microsoft launch kid-friendly "Click-Clever Click Safe" internet browser

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Microsoft have launched a new, kid-friendly version of their Internet Explorer 8 browser. Internet Explorer 8 Click Clever, Click Safe will let youngsters report inappropriate sites, unwelcome attention from strangers and cyberbullying with a single click. "It allows people to…

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Security fix on its way to Internet Explorer

Gerald Lynch Computer Security, Internet, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

Microsoft are about to roll out a security update that should see users of Internet Explorer 6 protected from the attacks that have caused the French and German governments to condemn the browser. The vulnerability highlighted by the recent phishing…

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CES 2008 LEFTOVERS: An apology regarding our failure to mention the new 8" and 8.9" Eee PCs

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We really ought to have done something about this, what with the blog liking Eee PC so much and mentioning Eee PC so often we might as well just go and change that masthead to a big photo of us all kissing an Eee PC and start calling the site “Eee PC News” or “Eee PC Daily Digest.”

Anyway. We didn’t mention the two new Eee PC models because they weren’t actually at CES in a physical new-plastic-smell sense – but Asus did confirm their existence in a press conference with US mobile company Sprint.


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Offensive word taken out of Mario Party 8, Wii game re-released August 3rd

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Your poor, frazzled, politically correct soul can rest easy tonight, as WiiWii has reported that Nintendo just removed that naughty word from Mario Party 8, and it’ll be re-available from August 3rd, something which will no doubt please Martha Stewart, who turns 66 that day. As we know she’s such a fan of the Wii, after all…

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5 gadgets you'll need to smuggle into the Big Brother house with you if Jade Goody's there

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The boys in the know at Hecklerspray are putting some nice money on the table in the hopes Jade Goody will be re-entering the Big Brother house (for the third time) next week when the eight installment desecrates our television sets. It’s got us thinking about what you’d need to smuggle into the house with you in order to survive the relentless mouthing-off from Goody’s “immense pikey gob”, as Hecklerspray calls it

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