Microsoft launch kid-friendly "Click-Clever Click Safe" internet browser

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click clever click safe.jpgMicrosoft have launched a new, kid-friendly version of their Internet Explorer 8 browser. Internet Explorer 8 Click Clever, Click Safe will let youngsters report inappropriate sites, unwelcome attention from strangers and cyberbullying with a single click.

“It allows people to get information on a whole range of issues,” said Matthew Bishop, a business and marketing officer at Microsoft. “It is a one-stop shop for a family’s online safety needs, and parents do need that reassurance and support.”

Launched as part of Safer Internet Day, the browser has been developed with help from Ceop, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Jim Gamble, chief executive of Ceop, said: “Parents and children should not have to go searching through numerous web pages to find the help they need. This new tool will embed advice, help and report services directly in to the toolbar to provide a constant, reassuring presence for families, who will be one click away from the support they need.”

According to Microsoft, 58% of children are not monitored while using the web by their parents, while 60% of those below the age of 18 have been contacted by strangers online.

You can pick download the browser enhancements here.

Via: The Daily Telegraph

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