Deafness charity finds 67% of you lot are listening to music TOO LOUDLY


A survey conducted by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People discovered that two-thirds of us are listening to MP3 players at dangerously loud volume levels that could break our earholes for good.

The RNID accosted 246 people in the streets of Edinburgh and plugged listening gadgets into the headphone sockets of their MP3 players, testing the volume output levels. The level considered safe for blasting music…

SensorFreshQ says "SAUSAGES NO GOOD"

sensor_freshq.jpgDon’t laugh, this could save your life – or at least save you from a day of sitting on the toilet after eating that chicken you found in the fridge.

The SensorFreshQ analyses the gaseous emissions of the bacteria that’s scoffing your meat, calculating if it’s going to make you a bit icky tonight or not. It generates results in green (fine), yellow (OK, but test it out on a relative/partner first)…