Deafness charity finds 67% of you lot are listening to music TOO LOUDLY

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mp3-player-volume-85-decibels.jpgA survey conducted by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People discovered that two-thirds of us are listening to MP3 players at dangerously loud volume levels that could break our earholes for good.

The RNID accosted 246 people in the streets of Edinburgh and plugged listening gadgets into the headphone sockets of their MP3 players, testing the volume output levels. The level considered safe for blasting music into the human head is an equivalent output of 85 decibels – but the RNID found that 22% of the people it asked had their ‘phones cranked up to more than 100.

THE RNID reckons we’re all sitting on a timebomb of ear problems, thanks to the rise and rise in popularity of portable music players and our disregard of our poor little internal microphones. It suggests taking a five-minute break from listening to 80s hip hop every hour, and, rather unfashionably, wearing earplugs when in night clubs.

You won’t pull, but you will at least be able to hear people turning you down well into your 80s.

(Via The Scotsman)

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  • I’ve just got some of those earphones that sit in your ear canal, so I only have to have my music player its lowest volume setting (and even that’s a bit loud), and I’ve just got some earplugs for gigs

  • No offence to the RNID as it’s a serious issue but… didn’t they release this press release 20 years ago when Sony launched the Walkman?

    I’m sure it’s been regurgitated several times since then too.

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