Apple UK store down, UK iPad pricing / network details imminent?

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Take a quick look over at the UK Apple store and you’ll see that it’s down for maintenance.

There’s a short message: “We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly”.

Could some new UK iPad details be on the way? Pricing, availability, network operators?

We’ll be updating this page once we have some more details.

Update: Looks like the news is certain to be the release of Aperture 3, which is looking pretty smart itself anyway.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Eh, how difficult is it for you to check that the US site is also down? In other words – this won’t be a UK orientated update. Call yourself a tech site?

    • As Tech Digest is a UK based tech site, we first and foremost report on news that will have an impact on our native audience, though we do also cover global stories. Nowhere does the post state that this potential update will be UK orientated only, though we are most interested in what any news may mean for our UK readership, hence the emphasis on the UK store being down.

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