Security fix on its way to Internet Explorer

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Microsoft are about to roll out a security update that should see users of Internet Explorer 6 protected from the attacks that have caused the French and German governments to condemn the browser.

The vulnerability highlighted by the recent phishing attack on Google is the priority fix, but the update will also address other weak spots in the browser.

Microsoft assure that the update will keep users safe while browsing the web, but also encourage users to upgrade to the IE 8 browser for maximum protection.

Are you a dyed-in-the-wool Internet Explorer user, sticking with Microsoft on this one? Or are you going to try web-pastures new and have a go with maybe the Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers?

Let us know.

Gerald Lynch
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  • I liked this text and i appreciated. I’ve read all. When i was surfing , i watched a video

  • Opera is the best alternative browser.
    It looks great, and works.
    Also has had features for a long time which other browsers are only just getting.

  • Microsoft IE8, Firefox or Google Chrome

    The recent announcements made by the French and German governments warning users to find an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) amidst apparent security risks associated with the browser, could prove fruitful for UK IT-aware businesses. Not only will the warning provoke a greater level of conscientious thought for IT security, but it could also act as a catalyst for businesses wishing to move their technology on and maximise on services optimised for this technology.

    For most businesses, protecting IT security is of paramount importance, especially for those organisations working in a virtualised environment. In light of the news surrounding the security risks associated with IE6, could this be the time to get ahead of the game and look to upgrade to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, or other browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, as suggested?

    A move like this is simple and allows businesses to not only to reap the benefits of the new technology and prevent a potential security issue, but also receive additional functions when selecting tailor-made business applications designed to work specifically with the most up-to-date technology and can provide the advantages of this to the business.

    Nick Thompson
    Managing Director
    DCSL Software

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