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Yamaha intros four mini audio systems, all with iPod docks

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While we try to limit the number of iPod-friendly audio equipment featured on Tech Digest these days, when something comes along from Yamaha it's usually worth paying attention to, even if it does have a big slot in the top for Apple's music player.

The latest mini systems from Yamaha aren't necessarily the most attractive (they look a little bit "squished" for my liking) but they pack a fair punch specs wise.

First up, the MCS-1330 features 2 x 60W RMS power output, and features the amp, CD player, and speakers featuring 2.5cm tweeters and 13cm woofer. There's even a USB port for adding other portable devices, plus analogue inputs for connecting up older equipment.

The MCR-330 and MCR-230 have a much lower output spec, at 2 x 20W, along with the CD player, USB and iPod ports. Speakers feature 2.5cm tweeters and 10cm woofers, with a different finish on each model.

Finally, the CRX-430 is the little brother of the MCS-1330, pushing out 2 x 25W of power but with other specs pretty much the same.

The MCS-1330 retails for around €800 (£635), while the MCR-330 and MCR-230 are €250 (£200) and €230 (£180), with the CRX-430 coming in at €220 (£175).

(Via Akihabara News)

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