Logitech shows off its revamped gaming lineup – two keyboards a headset and a mouse


Next up, it’s Logitech’s turn to show off its new products to the world. They’ve got the G19 keyboard, the G13 gameboard, the G9x mouse and the G35 surround sound headset. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the G stands for ‘gaming’, because these are all very squarely focused at PC gamers.

I’ll start with the G19, which we spotted previously, but called the G18. In every other respect, though, it seems to be the same model – it’s got the same 320 x 240 colour LCD, the same 12 macro keys, and the superb “game mode” switch that disables the Windows key so you don’t hit it by accident at a crucial moment. No sign of that D-pad, though.

Teufel unveils Concept E Magnum Power Edition 5.1 Speaker Set


Here’s a new home cinema speaker setup from Teufel. It’s designed for computers and consoles, though it takes phono inputs, so you’ll need some conversion cables. It consists of a subwoofer, centre speaker, and four satellites, and can pump out a rather loud 450 watts.

There are two colour options – midnight black and matt silver – and it comes with an infrered remote for volume control, but the best feature of this setup is that it’s only £160 (€189). That’s bargaintastic for a full on 5.1 surround system. It won’t be the highest-fi system you’ve ever heard, but for pumping out Halo, Mario Kart, World of Warcraft, or a DVD in full surround, I couldn’t think of a finer device.


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Yamaha announces the YSP600 surround sound bar


In terms of speakers, this £499 job from Yamaha will be suffice for the average person who owns a telly and a CD player, enthusiasts should probably look here, here and here instead.

Still, the YSP600 has a tidy amount of features, and can be hidden away under your TV, due to its small stature. With 1080p support and two HDMI-in sockets, your Blu-ray or HD-DVD player will love you. The integrated amplifier is pumping…

The $25,000 ITC One entertainment home warehouse adds Blu-ray support


It’s unlikely many of you are in the market for an ITC One, what with the gigantic SE2 Labs home entertainment solution costing about as much as a small Korean family hatchback.

The ITC One’s around the size of two PC cases, and already contains an Xbox 360, Wii, HD PVR, surround sound amp and processor, plus an iPod dock because every new electrical product launched