Sony unveil a few small additions additions to home theatre range

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sonydav.jpgSony has today announced some exciting new home theatre systems that have speakers the size of golf-balls – meaning that you’ll have plenty of extra room on your wall for your massive telly.

There’s three different products here. The DAV-IS50 is a slot-loading DVD/CD/MP3 player/Radio device that apparently has “hidden touch-sensor controls”, and more importantly, 5.1 surround speakers that are the size of golf balls. Despite their diminutive size they apparently have a combined power of 450W – which Sony claim will “fill even large rooms”. The rear speakers are wireless too which will make life easier.

They also announced the HTD-890IS, which is a TV-tuner-DVD-and-HDD-recorder all in one and also uses the tiny speakers. The hard disk is 160GB and can store up to 455 hours of TV. It also has USB ports and will let you view images from USB memory sticks.

Finally, the HT-IS100 is an upgrade for those of you who already have most of the other expensive gadgetry, and is simply the tiny speakers and the surround sound bits. Sony claim that it’s perfect if you already have a Blu-Ray player, as it means you’ll be able to watch films (which may contain Sony™ product placement) produced by Sony Pictures™ on Sony Blu-Ray Disc™ in your Sony Blu-Ray Player™ through your Sony Bravia™ TV with Sony™ 5.1 surround sound.

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