Symmetry PowerPoint wall mounted speakers are 'almost invisible'

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sht_speakers.jpgAccording to the press release,

‘All too often the choice has to be made whether to enjoy the aesthetics of a room, or compromise on the aesthetics and include speakers that deliver a great sound, but look awful,’


‘One recent request was for some loudspeakers to be finished [see pic]…so that they merged perfectly with the wood surfaces used in a new home…Thiel was able to match the finish…making a perfectly discreet speaker that became almost invisible on the wall.’

Invisible you say?

‘The Thiel PowerPoint is sold as individual loudspeakers at a price of around £995 for a standard finish and with the price of customised finishes depending upon the customer’s specification.’

And with such eloquence. Let me fetch my chequebook!

Symmetry Systems

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