KNGT icom MK1 Car PC makes driving both more fun and more dangerous

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Korean firm KNGT has announced a new car PC that runs on Windows XP, suggesting that jokes about “crashing” don’t translate well into Korean.

This is actually a fully-fledged PC, but one that has been stuffed into something you could fit into a dashboard – it even has a DVD drive behind the 800×480 WVGA touchscreen. As you might expect, the keyboard is entirely touchscreen meaning that you have to take your eyes off of the road to use it.

It also supports WiFi, has a couple of USB ports, a TV and radio tuner, and as you’d expect from a car has built in GPS. There’s 512MB-2GB of RAM and a 40GB-80GB hard drive inside too.

You have to wonder though… is this really a good idea? The most terrifying car journey I’ve ever been on is when I took a taxi where the driver had a screen mounted on the dashboard, and was watching the third Harry Potter film on DVD as he sped around a busy town centre. Distracting the driver with an entire computer – especially if he’s playing a racing game whilst driving – is just asking for trouble.

Then again, maybe this is fine and my fear of this new technology is merely a sign that I’m getting old and becoming out of touch?

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