The $25,000 ITC One entertainment home warehouse adds Blu-ray support

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itc-one-blu-ray-support.jpgIt’s unlikely many of you are in the market for an ITC One, what with the gigantic SE2 Labs home entertainment solution costing about as much as a small Korean family hatchback.

The staggering ITC One’s around the size of three PC boxes, and already contains an Xbox 360, Wii, HD PVR, surround sound amp and processor, plus an iPod dock because every new electrical product launched after January 31 of 2008 has to have an iPod dock on it according to world law.

And now, because Warner Bros. and the general public demanded it, you can have an ITC One with a Blu-ray player stuffed in it as well, should you be extremely wealthy and have enough room under/beside your TV to cope with such an oppressive device.

If you want to see what a £25k home entertainment centre actually looks like up close, check out Susi’s video from CES. It looks like a slightly cooler than average photocopier.

(Via Crave)

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