Nintendo issues sniffy response to Greenpeace's environmental criticism

Every year or so, eco-terrorists Greenpeace compile a report on which technology companies are friendliest to the environment and which really aren’t. Nintendo and Apple routinely score very low, and Nokia routinely scores well, but this year, Nintendo has issued a wonderfully haughty response:

“Nintendo has not been badly rated by Greenpeace. Greenpeace chose to conduct a survey which graded companies based on the voluntary submission of information. Nintendo decided not to take part in the survey and were therefore ‘ungraded’.

“Nintendo provides detailed information regarding its compliance to environmental laws and directives via the Consumer Information section of the Nintendo website and therefore felt it unnecessary to take part in the Greenpeace survey.”

So there you go. Nintendo isn’t environmentally unfriendly, it just doesn’t want to play nice with Greenpeace. In all honesty, I’m not sure I blame them.

Greenpeace Report (via TechRadar)

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UPDATE: Orange not blocking the Pirate Bay after all

Turns out that all the fuss over Orange blocking the Pirate Bay was a simple internet error. Orange has just got in touch with us, claiming innocence while awkwardly avoiding naming the site in question:

“We can confirm that we have not actively stopped customers accessing the web sites reportedly affected. However, following investigation by our network partners, a small section of our internet traffic was rerouted by one of them which has now restored access to the sites concerned.

As has always been the case, it is Orange UK’s policy to not block customer access to websites, other than to those containing images of child abuse as identified by the IWF.”

Good to know. If you’re on Orange and were affected, let us know in the comments whether you can get to the site now. Here’s a handy link.

I’ll also rescind my actually rather ranty promise to never subscribe to Orange again. I was with them for several years. They’re actually very good. If they offer me a good phone at a good price point when my contract’s up in March, then I’ll take it.


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Radiohead giving up its music download model – In Rainbows scheme was a "one off" says Thom


While Radiohead is still to say how much money it made out of letting users set their own price to buy (or have for free) its In Rainbows album (HINT: lots), it looks like that’s the first and last time the band will release anything in such a way.

Speaking of the revolutionary – and much-copied – download scheme to the Hollywood Reporter, Thom Yorke said “It was a one-off in terms of a story. It was one of those things where we were in the position of everyone…