CES 2010: Day 1 Round-Up

With CES 2010 now well under way, it can be pretty tough keeping track of all the latest announcements. Here's Tech Digest's round-up of the of best Day 1 at CES 2010 so far, including all the news from the…

Stone Neo 101 netbook skims into view


Adding to the plethora of netbooks on the market comes the Stone Neo 101, a compact machine sporting an Intel Atom processor.

It features a 10.1-inch widescreen display capable of 1,024 x 600 resolution and a keyboard that’s 90% the size of a standard one, meaning typing should still remain fairly accurate. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi card and optional internal 3G module, and there are two USB ports and a 34mm PCI-Express Card expansion slot…

LG launches portable, but not pico, projector


LG’s got rather a range of projectors, and the LG HS102 is the newest addition to that range. Rather than the business end of things, the HS102 covers the portable side of the spectrum.

It measures 154mm x 117mm x 50mm, and weighs less than a kilogram (780g), so it’s pretty dinky. It can throw a screen size of 500″, though, which is rather more on the impressive side.

Best of all, there’s no costly bulb replacements involved. The traditional projector bulb has been replaced by an LED variant which uses less power and should last for the entire lifetime of the projector. There’s built-in speakers too, as well as a remote control.


  • DFC: 2000:1
  • Brightness 160 (lumens, I presume, though that’s not specified)
  • Native res: 800 x 600 (not great, but it is a portable model)
  • Lens: Manual focus, fixed zoom
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 (no widescreen action here)

Not sure how much it costs yet, but I’ve got an email in to LG asking nicely. When they reply I’ll update this post. Meanwhile, ProjectorPlanet seems to be selling it for £500. It’s available now.

AmpliVox SW915 – an all-in-one, very loud, portable amp


I’m not sure how many all-night-rave organizers read Tech Digest, but you can never tell with the internet. The SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner is a whopping great big box on wheels that contains, variously, a speaker, an amplifier, a CD player, SD card slot, and wireless microphone.

Basically, you roll up in an abandoned warehouse, pop Rave Anthems 2 into the cd drive, and then go nuts, occasionally shouting “Bo! Bo! Bo!” over the wireless microphone. 250 watts over up to a 30,000 sq. ft. area should ensure that the complaints start rolling in and the police show up sooner, rather than later.

Still, when they do, you’ll be able to flick it off, grab the handle and leg it before the fuzz can catch you. Then start up all over again the following weekend. I wouldn’t try dragging it through the Glastonbury mud, though – those wheels don’t look like they can take that kind of punishment.

Amplivox (via Born Rich)

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Jay's c-JAYS headphones are lightweight, but heavy hitters


The world of mid-range headphones has just got a little more cluttered with the release of the c-JAYS, from Swedish manufacturer Jay’s Headphones. They’re over-the-head jobbies and they come with three sizes of foam cushion, from small to whopping (whopping pictured above).

You’ve got to love that way that whenever technology companies invent something, they give it a silly name and acronym. In this case, Jay’s has invented something called the Elastic Multi Layer (EML) Membrane, which apparently makes things sound nice, and SGSCC (Single Crystal Copper) cables, which reduce distortions.

For those keeping score, that’s the second time today that an abbreviation doesn’t match up with what it’s abbreviating. I’m not a happy bunny.

More netbook competition on its way as Ubuntu embraces ARM processors


A version of Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution, will be developed for the ARMv7 processor, Canonical announced last week.

This could bring to market netbooks and other portable devices based on the more energy-efficient ARM processors, and challenge both Intel and AMD.

The Ubuntu Linux netbook version will be officially available from April next year. ARM processors are already used in mobile phones such as the iPhone and G1…

MySpace co-founder considering portable music device


In an interview the other day, MySpace co-founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe said that he could see MySpace developing and launching a “device for listening to music” in the future, but that they’re currently just focusing on MySpace Music.

Earlier this year, MySpace launched a download store in conjunction with major labels. Building its own MP3 player which ties in to that service, and potentially allows users to stream tracks over wireless, would be an obvious next step for the social networking company. Especially if it starts offering Slacker-like features.

MySpace (via Reuters)

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Buffalo updates MiniStation TurboUSB drive, makes it Mac friendly


Buffalo’s MiniStation TurboUSB hard drive, launched back in February, has had a bit of a makeover to make it more friendly to Mac users.

In truth, it’s always been usable with OS X, but now the casing has turned a shade of white, which possibly makes it more attractive to Apple-ites.

Four capacities — 160GB, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB — and fully compatible with OS X’s Time Machine, or indeed any other software backup solution you might happen to use…