CES 2010: Alienware M11X makes gaming laptops truly portable

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alienware m11x.jpgGaming laptops are great, but anyone who owns one can tell you at least one thing for certain. They are big, heavy old things, and hardly portable at all.

Alienware look to buck the trend however with their M11X. It’s a superb bit of gaming kit, and measuring just about 11.6 inches across, it’s light and small enough to carry to your next LAN party without too much hassle.

A NVIDIA GT335M processor is on hand for hardcore graphics duties, but thanks to a switchable set up, you can use lower power, energy efficient settings to conserve battery life when you’re just browsing the net or typing out a document.

Full HD, a respectable 6 and half hour battery life and HDMI-out round off a neat looking addition to any travelling gamer’s kit.

Out in the Spring, it’ll weigh in at $1,000 (circa £630), which is pretty reasonable for a gaming laptop of this calibre.

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  • Love it! keep the ultra light and portable stuff coming Alienware! Great post Guys, I count on sites like this to help keep myself informed about advancements in products just like this one. Many thanks

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